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Carta da Parati Sable

Sable (Sand effect) Wallpaper

Sand effect wallpaper is a slightly rugged wallpaper with very bright colours but suggesting the idea of a rough wall surface. Widely used by architects and interior designers to decorate walls in houses, offices, congress centres, hotels etc.

Sable (Sand effect) Wallpaper applications

Sable (Sand effect) Wallpaper applications

Anyone and not necessarily a painter or a professional can apply this wallpaper. Please follow this simple procedure:
Clean thoroughly and smooth the wall to which you wish to apply the paperwall.
Choose the suitable kind of glue according to the wallpaper weight. Usually you can find the characteristics of the recommended glue on the wallpaper packaging.
Cut the wallpaper according to the desired height making sure you add some extra centimetres.
Spread glue on the wallpaper and leave it for some minutes before applying to the wall.
Apply the wallpaper to the wall from above downwards using a plumb line.
Make sure that the wallpaper strip is sticked properly.
We advise you to use a roller to avoid the creation of bubbles.
Proceed positioning another strip of wallpaper so that it fits the one previously applied.

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