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Company Profile, digital printing Easyposter

Centro stampa digitale
Easyposter took shape in 2007 as a section of the media agency RealVirtual. RealVirtual has been passionately dealing with communication since 1997. Over the years it went through a clearer and clearer sectorization until it developed the digital printing and typographic printing sectors. In 2008 it outfitted its 750-sm base with state of the art equipment for big format digital printing bearing the signature of the best brands such as Durst, HP and Mimaki for the roll to roll printing and flatbed printing onto rigid materials. It operates throughout Italy and mainly in Lazio, Rome, Frosinone, Latina, Viterbo.

The digital printing machinery enable to print onto banners, stickers, mesh, adhesive pvc, forex, aluminium, glass, kapamount, feather light pvc panels at really competitive prices. In order to provide a better and better digital printing service Easyposter has at its disposal in Lazio and Rome an assembly team for small / medium sized installations.
stampa digitale adesivi
stampa digitale grande formato

stampa digitale grande formato