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  • Backdrop

    Print on Airtex the backdrops for your photo studio or create theater scenarios.

  • Eco-friendly leather

    High quality print on eco-leather to make free your creations.

Quotes for printing polyester fabrics, ecoleather and carpets

In this section we offer you products that find many applications:
Airtex is widely used for setting up theatrical and photographic backgrounds, backdrops for events and conventions. It has excellent print quality and few reflections.
The width of the airtex is 310 cm.
The print on moquette is made only for short-term events or for decoration. The passage of people on the carpet determines a rapid deterioration. But we have other types of tumble dryers, carpet and carpet in coconut that are much more resistant. You can make a request by email.
Very durable is the print on the rubberized carpet, 2 mm thick, used for walkways, floors, lanes.
The eco-leather is smooth or "orange peel" and is used for making bags and accessories, for decorating objects, puffs, etc.
Airtex, fabric for backdrops
Polyester Artist fabric 280 gr
Artist Polyester fabric 180 gr backlit
Graphite 270 gr block out
Printable rubberized mat
Nonwoven fabric 150gr
Smooth imitation leather
Rough imitation leather
Bending and welding along the selected sides to give greater product freshness
Alluminium Ø 1,2 cm
Transparent Plastic Ø 1,2 cm
Eyelets in aluminum and transparent polycarbonate are available.
In automatic mode the system sets the optimal number of eyelets for the inserted dimension but it is possible to change the value manually.
The eyelets can be used with the lanyard or with the stretchy elastic, both present in the list of available accessories.

The buttonhole is commonly used to use rods and tubes for the preparation of printed material.
After selecting the application sides of the buttonhole, you can select the size of the tube to be used.
Request professional verification of files (+ 4,00 €)?
All orders always include a free basic check that verifies:
- that the size corresponds to the chosen format.
- that the resolution is appropriate to the chosen support.

If you buy professional verification of the files, additional checks will be performed verifying:
- that the margins are respected.
- the distance of the graphics and text from the edge.
- the orientation of the front and back.
- the correct graphic layout according to the format chosen including possible folds.
- the pdf for magazines: size back, number of pages, file cover.
Request the creation of custom graphics (+ 40,00 €)?
We cen realize the design of your product to print.
How to make the file?
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