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  • Business Cards

    Business cards printed on premium paper front and back, available with glossy and opaque plastification.

  • Desk Calendars

    Create your desktop calendar, a good promotional idea or just a calendar with your favorite photos.

  • Flexible cover books

    Print your books with flexible covers even in few copies.Libri copertina flessibile

Print brochures, flyers, magazines, volumes, posters, posters, flyers, envelopes

Stapled Binding - Online printing booklets with metal point
Staple-bound booklets, pamphlets and brochures printed onto uncoated or special art paper. The booklet cover or the whole brochure can be plastic coated.
The press center Easyposter specializes in printing books bound in brossuta gregata. Printing the inside pages is at 1, 2, 4-color coated paper, uncoated and special. The cover is printed on thicker paper, usually 250 or 300 gr and often laminated glossy or matte. The cover can also be realized with the coupled ie a thick cardboard coated with printing on lightweight paper. For these require the prevenetivo customized to
A hardcover volume is a book bound in paperback hardcover. This cover is printed on paper 150gr and then applied on cardboard 1mm. In this modoi the cover takes stiffness. The printing of the inside pages is done in 4 color or black and white on glossy paper, uncoated and special. To request a custom quote to these
Easyposter print magazines, booklets, brochures, calendars, books with coated paper, uncoated and specialty metal spiral bound. The cover and / or the inside can be plasticized. For these different types of customizations request a custom quote on these
Prestige business cards arise from the need to create a product for the most demanding customers and designers. The business cards are printed with soft touch lamination, with UV polishing, with gold, silver, metallic colors, with relief paints.
Print a business card or a card that is pleasant to the touch with high-level friezes, appreciate the effect of uc polishing, try hot metal printing available in different colors, embossed effect printing and metal casting.

Give the right value to your business or profession with a business card that leaves its mark.
Online printig folder, flyers and brochures
A4, A5, 21x21, 10x21 bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, accordion-fold, gate and double gate fold brochure printing. Different grammages available, with glossy or mat plastic coating.
Folders A4 printed
Choose among Easyposter templates for your folders or, if you prefer, you can also provide your own templates. When using a template among ours there will be no charge for it. In this case you can download templates and use them to create correct files. Therwise, if you want to have a customized template please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Online print posters
Posters are printed by using different techniques. Small amounts are printed digitally up to 32x48 cm size. For bigger sizes and up to 70x100 cm or for large amounts we make use of offset printing machines. Posters larger than 70x100 are printed digitally.
Online print leaflets and flyers
Printed products such as leaflets, flyers and cards are made using different types of papers, which can also be plastic coated if required. 100 gr paper is usually used for leaflets, whereas 150, 200, 250 gr paper is used for flyers and cards. Recto verso printed, glossy coated 300 gr cards are also available. Try our special papers to print your cards. For different types of leaflets and flyers not mentioned here, please send an email to or call us.
Print Block notes A5, A4...
Uncoated paper block notes in different grammages, single and multi-colour printing . Each block is normally composed of 10, 20 or 50 sheets. It can have a 4-colour glossy art paper cover.
Paper cards (recto verso printing) are available in different sizes and in special papers such as metallic, embossed, iridescent papers. Usually printed on art paper, they are plastic coated and blunt-edged . For different types of cards not mentioned here, please send an email to or call us.Get a quote
Our business cards (recto verso printing) are available in different sizes and in special papers such as metallic, embossed, iridescent papers. Art paper business cards can also be glossy or mat plastic coated. For different types of business cards not mentioned here please send an email to or call us.
Desktor calendars printed
The desk calendar is made up of cardboard behind white sheets and holding the spiral calendar. Can be chosen with 6 sheets printed double-sided, single-sided or 12 sheets. The sizes are 3, one of which vertical and 2 horizontal.
Wall Calendars
The wall calendar consists of 6 sheets printed front and back or front only 12 sheets. The cover is printed separately, with paper of the same thickness or thicker The print is in full color and with white spiral binding. (ask for brilux spiral steel or black)