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Forex letters for LED backlighting

Letters in forex or expanded pvc, in binary or black color, carved with cnc cutter
The user can choose the font, size, color or send the file of the letters to be carved.
It is possible to request the painting of the chosen RAL color. Inside they are dug to have space for the insertion of the LEDs. Each letter is 1.5 cm or more from the bottom on which it projects the light. The service is aimed at sector prefessionists, teachers, hobbyists, interior designers but also at all colors who try their hand at home and office decoration.
Available in the thickness of 19, 30 mm, they have a size between 20x20 cm and 50x50 cm.
For different sizes ask customer service.

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€ 50,00
€ 54,67
€ 61,33
€ 71,33
€ 81,33
€ 90,00