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  • Billboards

    Billboards on blueback paper. Good quality glued directly on the surface.

  • Print on Perspex

    Create your perspex plate or your perspex canvas with refined and modern design.

  • Backlit PVC Banners

    Pvc backlite to create lightly visible sign and billboards easily visible and with certainly impact.

  • High Quality Poster

    Create a fantastic photo quality poster to expose your creativity.

Large format digital printing panels, banners, sheets, plates, stickers, wall-papers

Image printing on pvc, forex, plexiglass, aluminum, wood rigid panels
Easyposter digital printing centre carries out digital printing on rigid materials, forex or pvc panels, kapamount, feather light panels with white or black core. The inks used adhere perfectly to any kind of material such as glass, plexiglass, aluminium, dibond, steel, wood. The use of white as fifth colour enables to print also onto clear rigid materials such as plexiglass providing photo-quality and high chroma printing.
Quote/order for banner or pvc printing, mesh, polyester, backlit
Printing on non adhesive pvc banner is carried out by Hp Latex and Hp UV machines enabling respectively up to 320 cm and up to 500 cm printing width and a length up to 50 m. We assure absolute photographic quality of banner printing, providing you with weatherproof, streakless banners. Our products have strengthened edges, metal eyelets every 50 cm o 30 cm etc.
Quote/Order for printing pvc sticker, window decals, car stickers, stickers for walls
Easyposter prints onto adhesive pvc by means of Hp Latex or solvent machines according to customer requirements. Monomeric adhesive pvc is easily the most used material for this purpose while polymeric adhesive pvc is a longer-life material; cast pvc and bubble free cast pvc are used for application onto motor vehicles. Each type of pvc requires specific plastic coating. Monomeric pvc needs monomeric plastic coating or lamination, while cast pvc for application onto motor vehicles requires cast plastic coating.
Quote/order posters printing, bills, 6x3, 4x3
Easyposter prints high quality digital posters of the following sizes 70x100 cm, 100x140 cm, 6x3 m, 4x3 m and in all the sizes required. Shiny inks assure bright and full colours. 6x3 m posters are divided into 4 smaller 150x300 cm posters with 1,5 cm overlap. 70x100 cm, 100x140 cm posters are printed onto photo blueback paper. Posters onto photographic paper are printed at 1440 dpi and the reel maximum width is 137 cm.
Printing on backlit and backlit fabrics
In an increasingly green society, printing backdrops, backdrops and scenographies on polyester fabric is increasingly a valid alternative to PVC.
It is a material that guarantees a high color rendering and a very low weight (from 135 to 270 g / m2) to the print. thus combining print quality and lightness.
The fabric is printed with latex, uv or sublimation technology, the color rendering is excellent. It is worked with reinforced seams or with silicone material on the edges to be fixed in the light boxes.
Wallpaper catalog
Visit the party papers section, an extensive catalog at low prices awaits you.
You can indicate the type of surface smooth effect, sand effect, dune effect, canvas, stucco.
Choose the image you like best, enter the measurements and buy.
A consultant will call you to see all the details and help you create a spectacular job and an environment as you wanted it.
Contact us and we will help you prepare your order and your furniture card.
Stampa su tela per quadri
Printing on canvas allows you to create paintings of all sizes to furnish your office, club or shop with taste. Buy online, choose your favorite photo, select the size, choose the material and tell us the day you prefer delivery. Our technology is at your service for an excellent and timely result.
Stampa moquette e tappeti
Easyposter for floor decoration offers a low-traffic carpet, a rubber mat and anti-slip stickers. All simple and economical solutions, easy to apply