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  • High Quality posters

    Create a fabulous poster with photo quality to expose your creativity.

  • Billboards

    Posters on blueback paper. Good quality glued directly on the surface.

  • Technical Projects

    Print CAD files and projects on high quality paper.

Quote/order posters printing, bills, 6x3, 4x3

Easyposter prints high quality digital posters of the following sizes 70x100 cm, 100x140 cm, 6x3 m, 4x3 m and in all the sizes required. Shiny inks assure bright and full colours.
6x3 m posters are divided into 4 smaller 150x300 cm posters with 1,5 cm overlap. 70x100 cm, 100x140 cm posters are printed onto photo blueback paper.
Posters onto photographic paper are printed at 1440 dpi and the reel maximum width is 137 cm.