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  • Decorate and furnish with fancy

    Stickers to decorate with fancy rooms and children's bedrooms. Available in different sizes.

  • Simple and cheap

    Customizing an environment is simple and cheap, our stickers are ready to be applied on the surface you prefer. Perfect for offices, retail spaces and factories. Wall stickers can be used to display your company logo directly on an interior wall, or as way-finding signage or demarcating areas of your building.

  • Change your style

    With wall stickers you can change the style of your space and give a touch of personality.

Stickers home and office decoration

Easyposter transforms your environment.

You are thinking of furnishing your new home and you need ideas for decorating the walls. You don't just like painting but you want something unique and particular, something original, but simple.

Think and choose from the wide range of wall stickers and wallpapers ready for you You can decide the size, enter them and that's it. The product will be delivered to you within a few days
Choose the sticker you prefer from our selection for your home, business or office.

Our stickers are applicable on all wall surfaces, glass, mirrors, furniture.
If you need a particular graphic or a different size from those indicated, send us a request.