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  • Aluminum Dibond Panels

    Discover the resistance of a print on panels
    aluminum composite dibond
  • Print on forex, great quality, great price.

Image printing on pvc, forex, plexiglass, aluminum, wood rigid panels

Rigid panel printing is ideal for indoor and outdoor communication. On the site you will find online the best materials such as Forex, Dibond, Aluminum, Plexiglass, Polionda, Sandwich Piuma, Wood, MDF, Cardboard, Honeycomb cardboard.
Each panel is printed at maximum resolution, in very high quality with latest generation machines, which print with faithful and brilliant colors even with small characters.
The panels allow you to create signs and plaques, information and advertising signs, wall coverings and decoration of points of sale, but also displays, easels, photographic backdrops. Free your imagination, buy the panel that's right for you.

Print forex pvc panel

Among the plastic materials, forex is a very resistant PVC even outdoors, it can be printed on both sides with an excellent quality. The forex is available in thicknesses 1, 3, 5, 10, 19, 30 mm. Choose the forex category, enter the measurements of the panel to be printed and you will get the quote in real time.

Transparent plexiglass panel print

If you want to create a modern painting with a photographic rendering that gives the idea of ??glass, you just have to use transparent plexiglass. Plexiglass is generally printed on the back, it is polished on the edge. The applications of plexiglass are many: paintings, partition walls, counters, gadgets, desks, displays, furnishing objects, illuminated signs, for the nautical, arrdo, building, lighting, communication sectors.

Print opal plexiglass panel for signs

Do you need to create a lighted sign or replace an old graphic and you already have the light box? Choose 3mm opal plexiglass. You will not go wrong.

Laminated dibond aluminum panel print

Do you need a very resistant outdoor panel because it is exposed to the sun or bad weather? Dibond® layered aluminum. Guaranteed print quality and resistance.

Cardboard and honeycomb panel printing

If you have a keen eye for the environment, you want to create signage, a photographic exhibition or an installation, think about using the honeycomb cardboard or reboard panel in thicknesses of 10, 16, 19 mm.

Polionda or polycarbonate panel print

Polionda is a particularly light material, it has a good duration, the surface is not smooth but "ribbed". This pvc is widely used for construction site signage or to create self-supporting totems.

Wood and MDF panel print

If you are an artist, you like wood, and would like a print on a balsa wood choose wood or MDF panels, try our quality.

Estimate and purchase of a print on panel

Choose the category of panels that suits you, enter the measurements and get the quote in real time. To purchase, just a few clicks and you will soon receive your work directly to your home.
Easyposter offers very high quality panel printing, thanks to the use of Durst machines and the experience of the operators. Panel printing has a remarkable range of colors on all plastic substrates.

Product samples printed on panel

Easyposter offers its customers a sample of rigid supports.
This allows you to touch the products first hand, to understand the quality of the panel print and to choose the best product for your communication.
Materials are available such as opal plexiglass to make illuminated signs, transparent plexiglass to make signs or design elements, 10 or 19 mm thick forex feather for the paneling of your store, aluminum for plates and signs but also interior materials such as single-wave cardboard, compact or honeycomb.

All panels can be shaped with a cutter or laser to obtain unique and attractive objects.