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  • Roll-up rollups

    Enrich your stand with communication. Up to 2 meters wide, up to 3 meters high!

    On offer -24%

Roller banners, roll-up

The roll-up for your communication? Easy and practical.

Roll-up roll-up displays represent one of the most practical and effective solutions for advertising the company and its products at trade fairs, events and conferences.
The roll-up displays allow you to rewind the graphics within a simple and practical mechanism.
The base is easy to carry because it is light and inserted in its bag with 2 handles. The basic roll-up is the simple and inexpensive, and allows you to advertise your business in a simple and effective way.

1. The roll-up can be purchased complete, ie structure and personalized printing, or if you already have the structure, you can buy only the spare PVC sheet.
2. Printing takes place on one side of the Eurofilm pvc film. It is a very smooth pvc and pet sheet that does not cause curls on the right and left sides. The print is in high quality, the details clearly visible, the bright and bright colors. The print height of the roll-ups is almost always 200 cm to which a margin of 3 cm at the bottom is added. Yes, I can but I don't have roll-ups 2.5 and 3 meters high.
3. By ordering the structure and the sheet, the assembled product will arrive, otherwise the old sheet must be unstuck, replaced with the new one and a sticker with a canvas texture in front of the printed part.

The roll-up is particularly used for communication in events and fairs, it is easy to assemble because just place it and remove the graphics. At the end you just have to retract the sheet. The product takes up little space during transport and a space of 30x80 or 30 x 100etc depending on the size of the roll-up. It is also widely used in places of passage taken in spas, offices, banks, in short in all activities where the message is rotated with a certain periodicity.