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  • Print Stickers

    Discover the best adhesive for your surface.

Print pvc stickers, window stickers, car stickers, for floors and walls

Print the stickers for your applications online, choose the type of adhesive pvc for your project.
The adhesives used are of the best brands on the market: Avery®, Orafol®, Mactac®, Ritrama®, LG®.
All the stickers are printed with eco-solvet technology and Latex Green with the latest generation plotters of the best Mimaki, Hp+, Epson brands.
The stickers are divided into different categories based on the application: stickers for any flat surface, stickers for windows and shop windows, stickers for walls, trampling floor stickers, vehicle wrapping stickers, micro-perforated stickers.
Whether you want to promote your company, decorate the shop window, cover surfaces, darken windows, decorate cars, signal on the floors and change the look of your place here you will find the ideal type of adhesive for you.

Are you thinking of renovating the venue?

Study the image and print on online stickers to give a touch of trendy colors to the new store.
Printing on adhesive is an excellent solution, it allows you to give a new message to your customers but also to communicate promotions, news, sales and ongoing campaigns.
In fact, the adhesive can be used on the walls, on the counter, on the doors and on any surface to renovate the room in a short time and in an economical way. Changing material and color is simple, it does not require painting and masonry. Trust our experts to study the image of your new venue.
Printing on adhesive also makes it easy to give the right communications to your customers, to promote products, to propose new collections. Printing on PVC stickers is truly versatile.

Are you thinking of renovating your shop window?

Printing on glossy or matte white adhesive is the solution.
The adhesive is very resistant and adapts to almost all flat surfaces. The print on the sticker is of excellent quality, made with machines up to 1440 dpi. It is cut square, rectangular, round or according to the shape provided by the customer.
Printing on transparent adhesive for shop windows is very special. The background bin is almost always printed to reduce the semi-transparency of the image.
Votes are in great demand for shop windows. The indoor adhesive window sticker is applied inside the showcase and is visible from the outside. It is always carved, round oval or according to the shape of the logo, it appears white from the inside and printed on the outside. To make it, transparent adhesive PVC is used.

Do you change your window often?

Easydot repositionable sticker printing are easy and comfortable to apply, have a repositionable glue and particularly suitable for those who apply stickers occasionally.
The Easydot adhesive is available in white or transparent, it can be applied, removed, reapplied, stored, used for the new season… It's called Attack and Detach.

Do you want to change color or decorate the walls of your shop or office?

On the website you will find the Wall sticker for walls and walls. It is an adhesive pvc with repositionable glue suitable for irregular surfaces such as those of the wall.
This adhesive is often plasticized so that it will last forever indoors. It is very resistant to detergents and stains. It allows you to print any modern or vintage texture and design but also to recreate a very uniform stucco wall effect, wall etc.
Has your graphic studio thought and designed your communication? Are you thinking where to print stickers?
Choose Easyposter order and you will receive the stickers even in 24 hours. Send the file, one of our operators will check its characteristics and will contact you if he reconsiders errors. It is quick and easy to place an order directly online, the availability of products is wide, choose pvc stickers, with removable glue, permanent, easydot (ie easy to apply), glossy or opaque, transparent and give new life to your business.

Take advantage of the excellent quality-price ratio, print custom stickers in high definition of any size.

Prints stickers with the latest generation of non-toxic HP Latex technology

The printing center can print adhesives with non-toxic Hp Latex inks on request, particularly suitable for environments such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, offices, homes. To increase the durability of the stickers printing outdoors, choose the most suitable lamination.
Unleash your creativity, invent new shapes, new colors print the adhesive pvc suitable for your surface.

Do you have a floor to decorate? Do you want to find people along a path? Use floor stickers. It is an adhesive film designed to be walked on and reduce the possibility of slipping.
Do you have a masonry or plasterboard wall? Choose the smooth or textured wall sticker from the highly textured MPI series.

Do you have a glass? Choose a monomeric adhesive and laminate it. If the surface is not flat, print on polymer adhesive. It has a longer life, is very workable and follows every curve well.

With the printing on personalized stickers your surfaces will acquire new character and the bright colors will amaze your customers.

You can decorate any flat surface, of any shape and size, with graphics of your choice and with all the quality of a product guaranteed by a leading partner in the digital printing sector.

Increases the life of the adhesive, laminates glossy or matt.

To increase durability or to facilitate application, each adhesive is equipped with an appropriate plasticization to protect the product from any scratches, tears, atmospheric agents and sun rays