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Gray triangular metal-sheet plate 60 cm with 2 hooks

Easyposter proposes a solution for road signs and building site signs; 10/10 metal-sheet board painted in industrial gray, of various shapes and sizes provided of hooks for pole fixing on the back.
Upon request we provide you with brackets, bolts and galvanized iron poles of 48 and 60 mm in diameter.

Print only the replacement

Single-sided clamp 48 mm diametre with bolts
1,40 €

Single-sided clamp 60 mm diametre with bolts
1,40 €

Double-sided clamp 60 mm diametre with bolts
4,50 €

Galvanised pole 48 mm diametre 3 m lenght with cap
40,00 €

Galvanised pole 60 mm diametre 3 m lenght with cap
48,00 €
Request professional verification of files (+ 4,00 €)?
All orders always include a free basic check that verifies:
- that the size corresponds to the chosen format.
- that the resolution is appropriate to the chosen support.

If you buy professional verification of the files, additional checks will be performed verifying:
- that the margins are respected.
- the distance of the graphics and text from the edge.
- the orientation of the front and back.
- the correct graphic layout according to the format chosen including possible folds.
- the pdf for magazines: size back, number of pages, file cover.
Request the creation of custom graphics (+ 25,00 €)?
We cen realize the design of your product to print.
The shipment date is indicative and not exhaustive. The delivery date will depend on when the payment is notified and sent the file to print.
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