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3D writing carved on forex 30 mm

Logos, writings and shaped shapes in plastic materials such as forex 30 mm.

Your logo or personalized writing shaped in 3D, an original and trendy way to furnish and communicate is made with a CNC cutter based on the path provided
The 3D writing can be printed on the basis of the file supplied (in this case the border is white) or painted entirely, also on the side border, of the chosen RAL color. You can create your shape with an external and internal traciato in ai or pdf format, choose the thickness of the forex, the color and the additional processing. You can order your logo with double-sided adhesive on the back for fixing.
The choice of 3D milled forex is wide, test your imagination.
Long-lasting UV printing in CMYK on one side. Transparent materials can be printed on the front or on the back.
In some materials RAL painting is available on the whole template
Template for easy application?
The positioning template allows an easy alignment of the letters and shapes thanks to the presence of special holes
Application of strong fixing double-sided tape, applied on each letter or shape
Request professional verification of files (+ 4,00 €)?
All orders always include a free basic check that verifies:
- that the size corresponds to the chosen format.
- that the resolution is appropriate to the chosen support.

If you buy professional verification of the files, additional checks will be performed verifying:
- that the margins are respected.
- the distance of the graphics and text from the edge.
- the orientation of the front and back.
- the correct graphic layout according to the format chosen including possible folds.
- the pdf for magazines: size back, number of pages, file cover.
Request the creation of custom graphics (+ 25,00 €)?
We cen realize the design of your product to print.
1. The shipping date is indicative and not mandatory and is valid if the order, files and payment are entered by 10:00. The islands and the most remote areas can be served 48/72 hours.
2. For panels larger than 249 cm the risk of damage increases and the courier does not insure the goods. This implies that we do not take responsibility for the shipment.
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